mobile loyalty


The Process

Imagine you own a coffee shop...

Customer sees / hears about your café loyalty scheme either from a sign in-store, or via an ad in a magazine, on the radio etc

To join the scheme they text the word 'BEAN' to i-movo who then note their phone number and send them their first free coffee coupon, just for joining.

Customer visits participating location (note, it need not be a store they visit – it could be an event you're running anywhere, anytime!)

Selects free coffee and other goods

Customer reads out the voucher number to the cashier who types it into their credit card terminal

i-movo then validate the coupon and record its usage, and the credit card terminal prints out a reference slip for the cashier. Remember, coupons can only be used once (or as many times as you specify) so you are in full control of the maximum number of redemptions.

The customer then gets given a till receipt with a unique number on it which which they can text to i-movo to record their purchase.

The customer leaves the store and is already on their way to earning their next reward voucher while you now have a way to contact another loyal and friendly customer anywhere, anytime and at a fraction of the cost of a conventional card-based scheme.

Building a Picture and a Relationship

When customers enroll in your scheme the first text they receive will also include details of how to opt out of receiving any non-voucher text communications from you should they wish to do so. For those that are happy to receive occasional messages and extra offers, however, you have the opportunity to get to know them better and be able to better meet their needs.

For example, you can ask them what name they would like you use when you contact them (rather than "Dear Customer" – or worse – "Dear Customer 07787–456–819" !). You can ask them for their home postcode so you can tell them where their nearest store is located. You can ask them what they think of your service and how they think it could be improved. And you can send them additional rewards

RedRoute are also able to work with the retailers in the scheme to help you know what products your customers like most, which stores they like to use and other information that helps you to understand them better and so provide offers, rewards and other relevant information tailored to their individual needs.

So you can build a better a picture of who your individual customers are and how you can serve them better. Within a short time you'll have a good relationship with people who are engaged with your brand, loyal to it, and want to hear from you. And then you'll find your digitally-driven, customer-managed, relationship programme is on a whole new level.

Event Usage –
Sports Event

  • mySpace promotion; link to microsite for ticket requests
  • Immediate SMS ticket distribution, subject to available space
  • No ticket = no entry; one entry per ticket
  • Handheld payment terminals used to validate tickets for 2006 & 2007
  • Real-time reporting during the event for organisers & sponsors
  • Special terminals for customer service functions (lost tickets etc.)


  • For your company: greater customer and consumer loyalty; customers and consumers who help you to help them; cost-effective and interactive ways to talk to your customers and consumers; more sales; more profits.
  • For your customers and consumers: rewards for shopping with you simply by recording their purchases; a better service from you; a friend who they can expect to care about their needs; a company who remembers who they are and values their business.