mobile loyalty

So how does it work?

Imagine a typical "text-and-win" promotion where the user is able to text-in a code that you have printed on the inside of your product's packaging* in order to register their purchase and sign-up for a free draw. Nothing new so far...

Now imagine each code is unique and can only be entered once but after six** purchases have been registered from the same phone the user is sent a secure digital voucher to their phone that can be redeemed at any participating outlet.

This secure voucher (supplied by i-movo, see for more details) can only be redeemed once and the time, date and place of that redemption is known in real-time. This means you can see, live on your computer screen, the rate at which vouchers are being issued, where they are being redeemed and what the redemption rates are.

As you see these results unfolding, you can decide to make more awards available or delay the point at which you issue them. And you can send reminders to those who have not yet redeemed their vouchers or to those who may be only one purchase away from getting a reward. All in real time.

The value of the reward is up to you but whatever it is you know that to be eligible for a reward the customer must have already shown loyalty to your brand by purchasing the required number of times. These are people worth knowing!

The rewards themselves can also be anything that you wish***. They can be redeemed in-store at a participating outlet or on-line. They can be for a discount off the customer's next purchase or for free / reduced-price merchandise. The coupon could even be a free ticket to a show or an event. The choice is yours.

* If you are a retailer or service provider, a unique code can be printed on the bottom of each till receipt or you can give away scratch cards. In all cases, restrictions are able to be placed on the number of purchases that can be registered to the same phone number within a given period of time.
** Or any number you choose
*** Excluding percentage discounts and subject to a maximum cash value redemption limit

Voucher Take-up Rates and Demographics

  • Typically 15%-30% of issued vouchers are redeemed
  • Typically 10%-20% of those reached request vouchers
  • You know who has requested vouchers and who has redeemed
  • Demographics typically follow those of mobile phone usage
  • The sales uplift is driven by the inherent value of the offer