mobile loyalty


RRed-i is owned & operated by RedRoute, a Global Marketing Effectiveness Agency

We work for companies who want to be sure they are getting the maximum mileage from their marketing budgets.

We have 3 key services:

  • Marketing Analytics
  • RRed-i Loyalty Management
  • Customer Panel Management

We have clients in a wide variety of sectors across a range of countries

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Unique Global Provider of Secure Digital Vouchers for Over 5 Years

  • Method to distribute & redeem cash-value digital vouchers & coupons
  • Without risk of multiple & over-redemption at any retailer
  • Can be single, multiple or permanent use vouchers

Holds patents on two key innovations

  • Use of Industry Standard payment messages to provide secure redemption
  • Efficient management of multiple campaigns featuring multiple issuers & redeemers
  • System is fully proven with more than 2 years of continuous live operation

Market Leader

  • Largest UK-wide secure mobile marketing scheme
  • High quality client-base; national retailers; major brands and respected agencies
  • Already over 30,000 "i-movo enabled" payment terminals in UK